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Kindergarten Fun is a fun educational game for preschool kids. This app has been developed to improve Visual Spatial Skills, Problem Solving Skills, Cognitive Skills and confidence through activities such as identifying pictures, words, letters of the alphabet, colours, animals, vehicle names and much more. Kindergarten Fun uses colourful designs, pictures and sounds to make it fun and interactive. On this app, kids can play matching games involving colours, shapes, animals etc. and with touch and trace, it's simple and easy to use!

Learning Features:
• Match a picture and its colour e.g. Tomato -> Red
• Identify shapes from pictures
• Join relative pairs e.g. Socks -> Shoes
• Match an animal to its offspring e.g. Dog -> Puppy
• Complete pairs of missing numbers
• Match capital letters to lowercase letters e.g. A -> a
• Match a number to its word e.g. 4 -> Four
• Calculate simple addition sums and match the answer
• Match an animal to its product e.g. Cow -> Gives us milk
• Match a pair of maths formulas like addition and subtraction.
• Match analogue clock time to digital clock time.
• Make a new word from two pictures e.g. Basket + Ball -> Basketball.
• Fill in the blank e.g. _AG -> BAG
• Match a pair of opposite words e.g. Hot -> Cold (or another example you have)
• Match rhyming words e.g. Bug -> Mug
• Match animals to their habitats e.g. Fish -> Sea
• Match the first letter of a word to an image of the word e.g. M -> Monkey
• Match an animal to their food e.g. Monkey -> Banana
• Match an animal to their home e.g. Dog -> Kennel

App Features:
• Listen to the words after a pair has been completed
• Interactive designs and sounds to make playing fun!
• Rewards achievements the more times you play
• Receive a ‘Thumbs Up’ after a lesson has been completed
• Really helpful for learning maths, the number system, the alphabet, words, shapes etc.

The levels on the app start easy and get more challenging each time. For example, after successfully identifying simple pairs like shapes and colours, the app will then move onto matching upper case letters to lower case letters, finding missing numbers and letters, addition and much more. We are sure that kids will love and enjoy playing this app!

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